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Sometimes we all need a payment plan...

So, it was 2017 tax season in January and as i’m doing all my taxes personally (too many bad accountant experiences and yay, digital certificate!) there’s no middle men between me and that tax form results. i’ve filed them all in advance: VAT, form for hired (no hired) personal, total of 11 reports for my autonomo and LLC. Had to pay a bit here and there, but it was all pretty manageable. And then. BOOM! The last day I find myself with the final income tax form and it comes up with almost 2000 euro tax! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Did the math several times, but unlike in most other cases, this one stubbornly stayed the same.

While it was possible to cough up the cash itself (with a lot of tears ;), it was not going to happen that same night. Money are in the savings account in a bank that tax office does not accept for payments. So I’m deciding to take a chance and file the tax with impossibility to pay and request for a payment plan.

My form is submitted on time and right with it comes a link to ask for the payment plan itself. Fill it up, pretty straight forward, how many instalments of how much you’d like to ask and small field to put in why you’re asking. I’ve written how it is, for the lack of creativity due to stress: “I’m surprised by the result and just don’t have the cash tonight”. And press send! The start date I’ve tried to put was February 1, but it forced me to chose the 5th, for whatever reason. And that was it.

For a good measure to make sure things are sorted properly, I’ve made an appointment with the tax office, but the first available was for day 6th, past my possible first payment. While I gathered my thoughts and questions for the tax office, imagine my surprise at finding a decision on the web page, stating my request was approved and I have till April to make first payment and 3 more months for the rest of them!

While I’ll still use my appointment to clarify some other questions i, this one is off my list and mind till past Fallas ;)

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