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Keep learning every day...

Today has been a busy one. And even though we spend several hours every week trying to keep up with all the changes in procedures and requirements, sometimes they still run faster.

so things we've learned in just a day...

1. Few weeks ago we applied for a short term rental permit, though this time as a LLC, not a physical person. Turns out our authorities are advanced enough to require the pdf file to be signed with a digital certificate! I didn't even know it was possible, let alone required. Clearly, I was not the only one since they have a 10 page detailed explanation how to get it done.

2. City hall of Valencia has been transitioning for a while but now exclusively deals with padron registration and changes via previous appointment. here's link to get one!

3. In the past months we're received several letters from social security about them requiring digital certificate for dealings with all things Autonomo, but it seems like they have started pushing it hard, not even registering new autonomo status in the office. We will investigate this one a bit further, but if you don'd have a Digital Certificate yet, it's time to get one now! We're here to help ;)

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