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Vacation rentals 

This day has been expected and dreaded by many in Vacation rental business. Valencia region has new law and we have till July 8th to prepare for the changes. Two main things will affect those who are already registered and those who have not done so. Requirements to stay registered are changing, fines are starting at 10 000 euros for the smallest of infractions. If you're not registered yet, you still have time, as till July 8th you can with the current rules. 

Vacation Rental audit

Are you ready for the new law? 

In a space of 2 hours we will check your property and prepare a report on what needs to be done for your apartment to be ready for the 8th of July when new law enters in effect. 

Vacation Rental Registration 

Do you have a property you'd like to rent out to tourists, but did not get around to registering it yet? Do you rent your flat out without registration? 

Time is running out, new law on tourism will make things very different! 

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