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Congratulations, you have been Spained!

Oh, Spain. How much I love you. Really.

So while 95% of administrative things by now I manage to deal with not leaving my laptop, every now and again somethings comes up. One of such things that were left pending for a while was a step known as “submitting guest IDs to the police within 24h of their arrival”. I knew this had to be done, but since it’s one of those things you actually have to go and figure it out, I kept on postponing. But after a "lovely" visit from national police to check on one of our guests it became apparent the time is now! After looking up information I’ve dutifully spent an hour or so looking for a way to register us online. Sadly, not possible. After registration daily submission can be done online, yay, but this first step has to be done in person.

The place to go is listed as Guardia Civil. Since they are not really active in cities I was wondering, but hey, all resources send me their way. To ANY nearest “office”. There are like two in Valencia, one by the beach and another, luckily 15 minutes from my house. Always come prepared and so I did: filled in forms, made copies, registration docs for the company and my ID. With copies. Just in case, because you never know what else they might need.

Upon arrival turns out that Guardia Civil really doesn’t deal with this matter in cities. National Police does. Nice. Thanks for mentioning it somewhere!

Off to National police I go. And guess what. They sent me to Junta Municipal that, you guessed it, was closed for the day.

Will try again tomorrow. Because there’s really nothing better to do than to sort out new bureaucratic puzzle ;)

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