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Annual VAT declaration

The arrival of a new year for Autonomos is a very special time. Aside from resolutions and big  business plans for the year to come, we need to wrap up the year that  just ended. That means letting the tax office know how much business success you had in 2018 by submitting the annual tax report also known as Modelo 390 before January 30! 

Do you need to file? 

  • Were you registered as autonom@ in 2018? 

  • Did you file modelo 303 for any of the trimesters of 2018? 

In other words, all autonom@s registered in 2018 are obligated to file this form, unless

  • You were registered for simplified IVA in 2018

  • You were only dealing with urban rentals 

  • You registered business activities are exempt from VAT charges 

The form can only be filed online, using your digital certificate. If you still don't have one, it's time to get it, because as of October 1, 2018 all autonom@s are obliged to have one!

We're here to help you to file that form correctly and within  the legal deadline. 

We only accept orders for Modelo 390 till January 15th! 

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