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We have a wealth of knowledge about all things related to residency in Spain and specifics of Valencia region. We can help you with obtaining NIE, residency permits, especially for Non EU passport holders. We offer accurate and efficient information and service on all things settle in Valencia, Spain. Below is the list of just a few services we offer. If what you need is not listed, get in touch and we will see how we can help! 

NIE application 

Filling up the paperwork, setting up an appointment and guidance through the appointment. 

NIE is just a tax number that you will need in every aspect of your life in Spain. To open a bank account, to rent an apartment, to have an electricity, internet and water connected to your home and so on. While you might be able to get few of those things done with just your passport, it will require a lot of negotiations and is completely unnecessary, when obtaining the number is fairly easy. 

Residency application EU citizens

Preparing the paperwork, setting up an appointment, guidance through the appointment

It is obligatory to become a legal resident in Spain within 90 days of moving here to live. You'll hear a lot of stories from people who did it after few years, claiming it is not necessary. The fact they got away with it does not mean you will. The procedure is fairly straightforward and we suggest you save yourself future trouble by doing it within the time indicated by law. 

Residency application Non EU citizens

Paperwork preparation, detailed guidance through the process

There are various types of residency permit, some are easier to obtain than the others. Depending on your country of origin and your residency at the moment of application conditions and requirements might vary.

Residency permit renovation

Paperwork preparation and submission. In person or via online forms

Residency renovation used to be tedious and stressful. We have made it a breeze. Inquire to find out how! 



Settle Easy was born out of our love for Valencia and the need we saw in correct and efficient advice on how to settle in this beautiful city. While living in Spain is magical, getting things done with Spanish authorities can turn into never-ending labyrinth. We have moved here in 2013 and from day one had to encounter all that it takes to get proper advice on relocation, starting and running a business: conflicting information, bad advice and high cost. After resolving to do everything ourselves, we started at the beginning - existing laws and regulations and by now have accumulated a lot of tip and tricks on top of factual knowledge about how to navigate the system here. And from now on you have access to the most current and efficient information as well! 




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Valencia, Spain




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